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Critical analysis of scholarly open-access publishing

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    That’s scary. Only one paper was rejected (for being too short). And these essays don’t even look like scientific papers.

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    if you search for “electrical and computer engineering” under google scholar metrics list ” https://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&view_op=search_venues&vq=electrical+and+computer+engineering ” this journal comes first.

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    Clyto Access is spamming from Gmail, and hosting at Go Daddy. Well, you can still put their domain name(s) on a DNSBL. Done!

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    JustPassing: Now there *is* a conspiracy theory worth investigating!

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    The journal where it is published writes:
    “Gold Open Access
    At publication, the final version of record will become freely available on our primary platform, utpjournals.press. The Author Publication Charge is $3,000. ”

    Thats outrageous.

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    […] questa volta Beall ha costretto l’editore alla ritrattazione e forse la direttrice di quel numero della […]

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    ​Dear sir,

    Dont believe this statement Some bastards are written some falls statement about IOSRD. We serviced for our researcher sincerely. Somebody creating bad name for the true hardworking of IOSRD Organisation.

    The above listed are new journals created by IOSRD not a fake one. We are try to get editors for all New IOSRD Journals.

    Please Remove this post ASAP or else we will take severe action for who posted this commands……..

    Some Information about IOSRD,

    IOSRD Register in Department of Industries and Commerce, Under Tamilnadu and India Registration..

    Reg No. 3 3 0 0 1 2 2 55835

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    Dear website owner, kindly Remove this wrong statement by IOSRD

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    Dear Ramanad,

    We have the More than 300 PhD doctoral committee members, not only handling the BE holders.. Dont degrade to our service to researcher….

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    So, Mr. R. Velraj, you are feeling that you are doing everything only for researchers and not for money. You are doing everything wholeheartedly. For freely publishing journals you are charging 75000 inr, what for that. just answer this question, it is enough

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    All time vague and thus meaningless blather.

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    If you combust biofuels you tend to get even nastier pollutants, because, amongst other things there are more aromatics and more impurities. Use biodiesel from cooking oil and the whole town smells like french fries

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    Many OA publishers have adopted with COPE and make changes on papers in case it is necessary. We must separate predatory publishers with OA publishers.

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    Given that this discussion has taken, and will continue to take, sharp left turns, I guess I will just have to exercise my right to “object, question and disagree” with Mike’s interpretation of how the whole proper science things works.

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    And I did too – about an old technical paper I wrote on microscopy. Inspired by PAL’s post (above) I replied with:

    Thanks for your emails. I am delighted at this opportunity to contribute an article to your well-known and topical journal.

    My standard writing fees start at $2500 per day, but in this instance I would charge at the lower end of this scale because this is an area in which I am quite interested in (sic). I estimate this article would take around ten days to research and prepare. Please find attached my invoice for 50% of the estimated fee, to be paid in advance. There would be an additional fee for preparing Figures, at $300 per hour, and I also charge at this rate for correspondence, manuscript review, and proof reading. (Fees for preparing this reply are not included.)

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    I just got a similar one from:

    Dr. Lisseth Tovar, M. D.
    Senior Editor
    Internal Medicine Review

    Thanks for confirming my suspicion.

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    I just found a nice twist on this – just google the mail adress ;-)

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    Interesting to see you also raise the point of replication. This simply is not the main issue, as pointed out by many. Perhaps the measurements are right, but even if they are, *the conclusion Herndon draws does not follow*! In fact, Herndon was informed of data in the literature that raises further doubts on his identification of the particulate matter (see also Jay Reynolds’ comments). Herndon ignored that information, which comes pretty close to scientific misconduct.

    A second problem I raised earlier was that his data does not allow the conclusion that this particulate matter is *deliberately* sprayed for various geoengineering purposes. Note in this respect that Herndon does not *speculate* about this, but essentially just assumes this is the truth. This is not science, and this is why scientists react and why retraction is just fine.

    Also of relevance to your ‘politics’ complaint: The current paper sets up for circular argumentation: particulate matter is sprayed on purpose => it is coal fly ash => coal fly ash is very unlikely to be in the San Diego area by accident => it is sprayed on purpose!
    I have already heard a chemtrail believer use this circular argument. Politics indeed, just not by those you accuse…

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    Our journal give copy right to the author.but most often authors will ask us where is the copyright form ? We say the copyright is yours.they where most times not happy with our explanation.

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    Dear Sir,

    please read MC comments about your grand conference, you can understand

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