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Critical analysis of scholarly open-access publishing

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    Thank you for your reply. Your opinion is very important for researchers since it is very hard to know which journal is good. But most of the papers on this journal are from United States, Europe, and Japan. Besides, we don’t need to pay publication fee because they waive developing country authors. We don’t think our research is low-quality, and your opinion about money is opposite to my case. We do have received lots of invitation from Indian publishers and those publishers are real low-quality and try to get money from us. Thanks again.

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    I searched the Google and found your opinion changed a lot. I think scholars need an official organization to evaluate science and give opinion.

    Please see your weird words on https://scholarlyoa.com/other-pages/appeals/#comment-40665

    I copy your words as following:

    Imizu says:
    January 26, 2014 at 5:36 PM

    Could you please give me your thoughts about
    Thannk you.

    Jeffrey Beall says:
    January 27, 2014 at 7:39 PM
    This is a publisher called Smart Science and Technology. I not think this publisher meets the criteria for being a predatory publisher. To me, it looks like an honest new publisher.

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    Good research. Yes, I changed my opinion. I will not criticize a publisher when there no evidence against it. However, when the evidence appears and shows that the publisher has serious problems, deficiencies, etc., then I will criticize the publisher and will warn people about it.

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    How about this model: a journal publishes online, open access (no hard copy production) for a moderate fee (say $250) without peer review (which takes months), but with a letter from a senior colleague/thesis supervisor of the person submitting the article saying that it is of reasonable quality. This would enable rapid publication and knowledge dissemination of papers not, say, of the first rank, but certainly with some professional guarantee of probity and quality.

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    Gavin Publishers has cleaned up… not its act, but its address. Now the formatting is closer to US Postal Service standards, and they have a new representative (Emily Cooper). Apparently Keisha Snyder has moved on, or up, or whatever.

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    Dear Dr. Beall,

    According to your https://scholarlyoa.com/publishers/
    which is Trans Stellar is including in the list. But I found that one of its journal is indexed by Index Copernicus International here http://journals.indexcopernicus.com/issue.php?id=11142&id_issue=883341

    What is your opinion regarding this.

    Thank you in advance

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    In my opinion, Index Copernicus is a bogus metric. So I’m not surprised to see that a questionable journal is displaying it.

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    OncoTarget solicited peer review from a fell grad student. That’s all I need to know about their practices.

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    Hello, Milena.

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    Hello, I just got one of these today – same text, and same persons involved as herr dr biemler told us.

    There was one addition, however:

    It would not have to be a long article, but if you don’t have time for this perhaps you could also reach out to the co-authors or one of your students to collaborate.
    If you have moved on from this line of research I am certainly interested in knowing more about your current projects;

    They asked for a paper on aniridiaby me, but perhaps one of my students could write it, and it does not need to be on aniridia either….

    Thank you again, Jeffrey, you are always the first where I look these up – I admit I was fooled for about 2mins ….

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  • 08/08/16--09:51: Comment on Appeals by Husain
  • Dear Mr Deall,

    This is an amazing resource. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to maintain it and reply to questions.

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    […] About Those Manipulative Spam Emails from Internal Medicine Review (quinta-feira, 4/ago) Jeffrey Beall […]

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    […] Bogus Journal accepts anti-spam paper. The article is here. […]

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    I got more or less the same email from Dr Tovar… Being used to this type of scam, it did not impress me – ok, different style and that my-colleague-Milena-asked-if bull was indeed a nice touch . But I run a fast search on Lisseth Tovar and indeed it seems to be a real person:


    She presents herself as “medical Doctor, specialist in Anesthesiologist and a very creative person too, I am here to help you out specific areas like: Prezi presentations, powerpoint presentations, spanish transcriptions, translations (spanish – english), copy writing, data entry, academical writing (specifically about medicine), data-entry (typing speed 50 WPM)”.

    Apparently she is from Venezuelan, and also indeed has a medical degree and an specialization on Anesthesiology; she seems to live in London, UK. From the short text above, I´d bet she one out of many Venezuelans living abroad.

    My general impression is that either her name is being used without her consent by this publisher, or she is doing some office work for them to make the ends met (I have no idea about the odds someone with a degree from Venezuela obtaining permission to work as physician in UK). If this is the case, I feel sorry for her…

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    if you don’t have time for this perhaps you could also reach out to the co-authors or one of your students to collaborate.

    “Please spam other people on our behalf”.
    Perhaps this would work better if they wrote “You must forward this e-mail to three other people or Bad Luck will follow. Don’t break the chain!”

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    People who are against Dr. S. T Mohyud Din tell me about your research work and your contributions in research. your thinking cannot stop his achievements. Love and respect for my teacher. i will defend him coz i know i learn a lot from him.

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    Respected sir,
    I am following your work from past 2-3 years and I really appreciate it. But you don’t have any right to degrade an entire nation, just because few thousands (out of 1.2 Billion) are doing wrong. This was not expected from a senior librarian like you. People like your work (including me) but few lines in this post are unbearably naive.

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    I have deep respect for you Sir. But how can you generize: ?
    There are many shooting incidents in America. Can anybody generalize that all Americans are potential shooters?
    In fact, there are many people who are fighting against the predatory publishers. You initiated such fight and we are with you!

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    Excellent work again.
    99% of such publishers will cease operation in a few years when money will not be as expected
    0.5% publishers will turn out to be like OMICS – corrupt but smart
    0.5% publishers will actually make a name for themselves and turn into publishers with good journals
    On a sympathetic note for authors, work of authors publishing in journals in the above list, has almost no chance to be accepted by established journals. so why not give them a chance to see their name on a published article, even if it is in a low quality journal which no one will ever read?

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