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Comment on Five Ways to Defeat Automated Plagiarism Detection by Eu mesma


If I find a text in ABC language, and google translate it to XYZ language, ( citing the scientific sources etc) do i get caught? I have work, kids and all that can’t afford the time for my master thesis! But I do speak 4 languages ;) Let me know please!!!

Comment on LIST OF INDIVIDUAL JOURNALS by “Please add my journal to your list”| Scholarly Open Access



Comment on “Please add my journal to your list” by Sylvain Bernès


Strange request, indeed. Perhaps the aim is to force googlebot to improve the page ranking of their journals. That would be however a very short-term strategy, since final impact will be necesarilly negative.

Comment on Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers 2013 by Clayton R. Wright’s list of ed tech and related conferences | Rick's Café Canadien

Comment on Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers 2013 by Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers 2013 | Scholarly Open Access | Thinking it out

Comment on “Please add my journal to your list” by Steve Coleman


Sylvain is likely correct. Them more URL’s point to a site the higher the ranking. The best method would be to add them to the list but omit any kind of usable URL pointing to the actual site. If Google/Bing/Yahoo/etc can not index it, but you still convey your message then that would be the best tactic.

Perhaps an image of the main URL tied to a javascript launch button to take them there. Since a javascript action that dynamically composes a URL link can’t be indexed it would not promote/pagerank the site the way they want it to. Justice is done with no unwanted side affects.

Comment on “Please add my journal to your list” by Rasyad


The editors seem to be from reputable universities, though. Are they really the editors?

Comment on “Please add my journal to your list” by Guido


I noticed that in the paper cited above, they also replaced the names of the original authors by “Lims Jasica Tery”, presumably a bogus name. The author names on other papers also look fake to me, so probably they did it there too… In the first paper of the first issue, they even replaced the first reference with a bogus reference to a (non-existing) previous issue of the journal (although they seem to have left the original reference in the bibliography). What a bunch of crooks.

Comment on “Please add my journal to your list” by Peter Matthews


Those are good ideas for showing inactive links, but the simplest approach (I suppose) would be to replace the period with something like a double asterisk ** (the doublet being more visible than a single asterisk, easy to type, distinct from any URL content, and easy to target for replacement by visitors who want to check the original site). e.g. researchcooperative**org

On the other hand, having URLs visible at all is kind of ugly, and for aesthetic and readability reasons, there is value in showing a journal title and embedding the link in the title. I doubt that a single blog will add greatly to the SEO of a particular journal.

For visitors here, it is convenient to be able to click through to the journals under discussion.

Cheers, P.

Comment on OMICS Ineptly Uses Social Media to Promote its Brands by thomas


hilarious. subscribed.

Comment on Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers 2013 by Publisher Threatens Librarian With $1 Billion Lawsuit - NPR (blog) - Ag2 Literary Agency


[…] publisher named on “Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers 2013″ is OMICS Publishing Group, which told him this week that it “intends to sue Mr. Beall, and […]

Comment on LIST OF PUBLISHERS by Publisher Threatens to Sue Blogger for $1-Billion | 1freelancers.com


[…] blog and the list, which is known to librarians and professors simply as “Beall’s List,” has led to Mr. Beall’s being featured in The New York Times, Nature, and The Chronicle. The […]

Comment on Criteria for Determining Predatory Open-Access Publishers (2nd edition) by Adiwinata J


Dear Mr Beall,
I got an e-mail:
Subject: Meet over 250 of your stem cell, cell and gene therapy, and cord blood peers for half price
From: “Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress”
Date: Thu, May 16, 2013 2:42 am

On September 30 – October 1, Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress, World Cord
Blood Congress and Cell Culture World Congress USA will all take place alongside
each other in Cambridge, MA.

The three conferences will run separately, allowing attendees to choose the content
most relevant for them. But, the exhibition and networking opportunities will be
shared, giving you full access to leading stem cell biotechs, cell and gene therapy
companies, and cord blood banks from around the world.

When it comes to the best use of your time and resources, there’s no better place to
be. And, if you book by Friday, May 24th you can now save 50% off your registration
fee! This is a saving of up to $1625! Simply enter the promo code OFFER50 when

Book for Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine Congress with promo OFFER50


Book for World Cord Blood Congress with promo OFFER50


Book for Cell Culture World Congress USA with promo OFFER50


Confirmed speakers include: *Michael May, Chief Executive Officer, Centre for
Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine
*Geoff Crouse, Chief Executive Officer, Cord Blood Registry
*Chris Goodman, Chief Executive Officer, Virgin Health Bank
*Raj Puri, Director, Division of Cellular & Gene Therapies, Office of Cellular,
Tissue and Gene Therapies, CBER, FDA
*Robert Hariri, Chief Executive Officer, Cellular Therapeutics Division, Celgene
*Richard Garr, Chief Executive Officer, Neuralstem
*Keith Thompson, Chief Executive Officer, Cell Therapy Catapult
*Renier Brentjens, Medical Oncologist, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
*Ian McNiece, Cell Therapy Laboratory Director, MD Anderson Cancer Center
*Kristian Tryggvason, Chief Executive Officer, BioLamina

Can you really afford to miss it? Remember, book by Friday, May 24th to save up to

Best regards,

André Singer
Conference Manager
+1 212 379 6320

Terrapinn Inc., 4th Floor, 96 Spring Street, New York, NY 10012, USA
Tel: +1 212 379 6322 | Email: enquiry.us@terrapinn.com

Is this a predatory Congress?

Comment on “Please add my journal to your list” by Adiwinata J


Very strange. They might be do not know the meaning to be in your list. May be they think that it is prestigious to be in your list.

Comment on Appeals by Henrik Eger



If there were a Nobel Prize for PATIENCE (NPP) and for answering queries from around the world succinctly—no matter how strangely some of those requests are phrased and how menacing some of those legal threats can be—that award would have to go to Dr. Jeffrey Beall of the University of Colorado Denver.

Jeff, I salute you and only wish we had more researchers and librarians around the globe with your highly developed sense of ethics and your willingness to check and measure regularly each star to see whether it still orbits genuinely around the scholarly universe of open-access publishing or whether it is nothing but an artificial satellite that flashes by in the night and charges princely sums for the privilege of shining with vanity before it disappears into some black hole.

I am sure that you, while looking up the heavens of research possibilities, are aware of each step up that steep hill of academic expectations, each entry carrying a heavy weight of responsibility on your shoulders. I have a sense that your middle name most likely will remain Atlas, the Titan who carries and endures the sky upon his shoulders: genuine, gigantic, but also vulnerable.

Don’t give up your good work, no matter how many lawyers from overseas come knocking at your door.

Jeff, I salute you, half a continent away from Colorado.

Henrik Eger
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Comment on “Please add my journal to your list” by John


The logical explanation for the request is that the journal want to make known to public that submitted paper can be published easily. Free advertisement. It is known that some “scholars” in certain countries intentionally publish in the dubious journals to achieve the publication rate determined by University.

Comment on Another Questionable Publisher Emerges from Canada by rob virkar-yates

Comment on Another Questionable Publisher Emerges from Canada by Jeffrey Beall


I saw that and am suspicious of the data and the methodology. He didn’t even spell my surname correctly.

Comment on Criteria for Determining Predatory Open-Access Publishers (2nd edition) by Jeffrey Beall


It may be. I don’t specialize in evaluating scam conferences. However, if they are spamming for attendees, and if you’ve never heard of it before, then I would be careful. Also, just the fact that you find it suspicious if a fair indication that you probably find a better conference to attend.

Comment on More Controversy Over Open-Access Publisher MDPI by Dr.Syed Zainul Abedin


MDPI may also be proved as the initials of ‘Malpractice and Dubious in Publishing International’.
I hope they will not be proved as such bad entity.
The real scientists are working sincerely for contributing for the betterment of humanity.
Let the predators check their greed and allow the real scientists
work with dedication.

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