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Critical analysis of scholarly open-access publishing

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    To be honest, I think they only want to make a decent living, and if publishing allows this, they may have to seize the opportunity. (Is there a social security system, where the poor and unemployed can be on the dole?) As researchers, we know that quality needs to be maintained, but my recent study shows that only a small percentage of my respondents are willing to review for such journals.

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    The owner of the domain name is Mohamadjavad Deylam, who probably does live in Sweden.

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    Kateryna is certainly relentless!!!! Her Medical Research Archives journal is so interested in my oomycete research!!! And she is going to put me in contact wth Dr. Steven Lindheim, from their editorial board, too! I’m so excited!!!! And what about the disclaimer at the bottom of the page (“This email and any attachments sent with it are confidential and intended only for the use of the individual or entity to whom they are addressed…” and goes on and on)? It made me feel so safe!!!

    I just got her email with exactly the same wording a lot of you have mentioned. What bugs me is that the system must still work for these crooks; otherwise, they wouldn’t be using it. The whole message smelled fishy right from the start but I decided to look her up anyway and found this website… I had a lot of fun reading your comments. Thank you all!

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    Regarding the name “Mohamadjavad Deylam” seriously I only could find bit different data:

    2011: http://eng.scholar.cnki.net/result.aspx?q=AUTHOR%3a(Mohammad+Javad+Deylam) :
    @Islamic Azad University, Ali Abad Katool Branch, Iran;

    2011: http://psycnet.apa.org/index.cfm?fa=search.displayrecord&uid=2015-08700-003 :
    Deylam, Mohammad Javad Islamic Azad University, Ali Abad Katool Branch, Iran

    2011: http://psycnet.apa.org/journals/pne/4/3/309.html
    Author affiliation:
    Faculty of Physical Education & Sport Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Ali Abad Katool Branch, Iran

    PhD-Student: per address:
    Islamic Azad University
    Department of Exercise Physiology
    Tehrān, Tehran, Iran

    Starting on Facebook in June 2015, cf.:
    last post: 21 Feb. 2016: Statement there:
    dito: https://www.facebook.com/swedishscientificpublications/posts/884303191664158
    further websites found:

    per Address:
    email Search in Swedish Center Library

    I found as registrant’s e-mail-address: mj.deylam@hotmail.com, Registrants name: Mojo De,
    Registrant situated in:
    Ovralidsgatan 11
    Registrants City: “hisings backa, 42247- SWEDEN”
    Administration and Technical Organization is situated in Copenhagen, DENMARK
    (found via: https://www.world4you.at/de/domain/whois.html)

    Regards W.M.-Salzburg, Austria

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    There is a LinkedIn profile with “M.J. Deylam” as the name, https://www.linkedin.com/in/m-j-deylam-62096a76. The person is based in Gothenburg, Sweden, and claims to be a sports teacher and a physical fitness coach at Jonsered FC juniors. The address in the domain registration is Hisings Backa, which is a suburb of Gothenburg.


    A person with the same name has actually published a (Phys Ed related) article, see http://www.scielo.br/pdf/pn/v4n3/a03v4n3.pdf, while at the Islamic Azad University of Teheran, Iran. That would explain the gender bias, wouldn’t it.

    One.com (the Danish hosting provider) has been alerted. Our spamtraps have yet to receive anything from this publisher, but we would appreciate hints from any who might already have received email from them.

    Med vänliga hälsningar, Vetenskaplig Skräppost

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    Given how sensitive all companies in Sweden are with equality (which is good, of course), this one is definitely not made by anyone who has any relationship to Sweden at all.

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    I am advised to write an article in Journal of Advanced Agricultural Technology. What is your opinion on the journal itself?
    Thanks for your respons.

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    I got a spam message this morning from David Publishing. While I normally ignore such nonsense the Valley Cottage, NY address caught my eye as I am familiar with that region of upstate NY. A quick Google satellite “drive by” revealed that it is, as I suspected, a warehouse suite of industrial offices including 7 businesses, but no David Publishing.

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    I recommend you find a better journal than this one. I see many problems with this journal. I couldn’t find an editorial board, for example. They don’t reveal where they are based.

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    Dear madam , but try to know blog msy be sponsered frm somewhere , as i m seeing blogs of jeff , he is trying to become final authority to decide velidity of journals, scopus and thomsum become big shot in market only becoze of this practice …as jefff is doing …

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    Sir mehra is not destroying the image of indian journal ,as westen policy to show indian journals worst as compare to american …they want to capture alll research to america only ….as scopus and thomsun attractiing indians …

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    This is a more complicated issue than it seems to be at first hand.

    What seemed to be an odd one out is the Jornal MVZ Cordoba. This is presented as the official journal of a branch of the University of Cordoba, Colombia. Click the right hand side button for web site. This takes you to the bottom of the page and another button. Click that, too, and another full web site is in a moment appended to the bottom of the page, with editorial board etc.

    Having found this, I followed the same procedure with the journals whose titles begin with GE to find out why. This takes you to another web site of a purported Asian Association which now lists the “Swedish” publisher as one of their partners.

    I did not find an explanation for GE, however. Perhaps they wish to associate mentally with General Electric?

    Jeffrey may need to do some further diging to uncover all underlying links to add these perhaps to his lists as well. They may be more than the Asian one.

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    sir , what about the quest journals?

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    Included on my list <a href="https://scholarlyoa.com/publishers/" target="_blank">here</a>. Please do not send them any papers.

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    Sir i have send them my paper now i would come to know that thay are fake . What should i do now?

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    Sir please answer me fast em very much confused

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    “GE” is short for “Green Earth”, as in “Green Earth Research Network”, “Green Earth Research and Publishing House” and “Green Earth Research Listing / Indexing” — a predatory publisher operating out of Bangalore, targeting young researchers with offers to “publish” their theses. It is on the list. I guess too many International Journals of Engineering & Research already existed, hence GE-IJER and so on.

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    I had a look at the MVZ journal because, you know, Cordoba is a major city in Sweden, so… I wanted to post a comment on it, but didn’t because I just couldn’t work out what was going on.
    First, it looked like SSP was cashing in on the genuine journal’s reputation by changing one word in the title, a trick Jeffrey has reported on many times – the official name is Revista MVZ Cordoba. But then it looked like a sort of hijacking, because SSP has flat-out copied the journal’s scope statement AND content: the “latest issue” on SSP’s website is a year old. However, SSP have also copied the ISSN, so this isn’t a distinct journal!
    I can’t work it out. Is SSP really associated with the MVZ Cordoba? Or is it claiming the MVZ in its portfolio to make its own journals look legitimate? Is the MVZ even really that good a journal? (if any zoologists can tell us, it’d be interesting)

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    Send them an email, and tell them you would like to withdraw your submission.

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